Saturday, February 09, 2008

Installed MAF Enhancer

Feb 8th Mounted the MAF Enhancer and on Feb 9th I connected the unit to the sensor by cutting the signal line, feeding the signal to my Enhancer and then back to the PCM.

The two blue pots are for controlling the voltage to the PCM, the left one for Highway driving and the right one for City. The switch, upper middle, is used to switch between Highway and City. The lower switch turns it off or on.

Ran the engine for a while just turning the pot back and forth and but could not get consistent readings on the ScanGauge. Went for a short drive later to Grimbsy about 10 miles, checked ScanGauge there and it showed 28.19 mpg. Came back and checked ScanGauge again and it showed 26.82 mpg on the trip back. I adjusted the pot while driving so the mpg showed the highest reading and the litres per hour the lowest reading. Need more test drives to be sure that I am getting accurate fuel economy readings....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Checking MPG

Feb 3rd Drove to Niagara Falls and back with Water4Gas turned off to get baseline MPG which was 24.2 MPG. Spoke to a mechanic regarding fuel economy on this vehicle, a 2003 Chevy Venture with 3.4 Litre engine with 151,360 kms on it and he said the 24 mpg was quite good.

Feb 4th Drove out towards N Falls and back 68.97 miles with W4G turned on and output connected between Air filter and throttle body. Mileage went up to 25.17 MPG.

Feb 5th Drove out towards N Falls and back 40.4 miles with W4G turned on and connected to intake manifold via PCV line. Mileage went down to 20.47 MPG. All of the above runs were at a speed of about 55 mph.

The PCM (Power Control Module) with associated sensors appears to nulify my attempts to increase gas mileage. Additional oxygen in the exhaust manifold is detected by the Oxygen Sensor and tells the PCM that the mixture is too lean and therefore signals for more fuel to be added. Have to overide some of the sensors to get proper results.

Feb 6th I built a MAF Sensor (Mass Air Flow) Enhancer and will install it shortly. The reason I am working on the MAF Sensor is that most mechanics suggest that it is usually the problem for poor mileage and should be replaced. The Oxygen and MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensors are not even mentioned when talking about fuel economy......