Monday, May 05, 2008

Think I am Going Mental.......

The strangest things are going on with my attempts to increase the mileage on this Chevy Venture. This is getting real confusing.......

April 26th I installed the modified Smack booster in the Venture. On a run of 42 miles I got 18.8 MPG running the Smack. Checked the unit out everything seemed to be in order. Went out for another run of 39 miles and got 32 MPG this time, still running the Smack. Filling tank to overflowing each time from the same pump, etc. Why the difference? I don't have a clue.....

On May 3rd did a run of 44 miles running the Smack and got a dismal 15.54 MPG! .... Weird!

May 4th did a run of 260 miles Without the Smack Running to check an see what my Baseline mileage would be now. I decided to do the run without anything added just to find why I am getting such inconsistent results using the hydrogen boost. It had been 24.2 MPG last February on a highway runs. Would you believe I got 31 MPG on this run?

The book for the Chevy Venture says for City driving using Canadian or Imperial Gallons it will get 20 MPG and for Highway driving it should get 30 MPG. I am wondering if the cold weather was responsible for the 24.2 MPG back in February ?

May 5th, on the way back, I turned on the Smack and checked it out to see it was producing hydrogen, etc. On this run of 279 miles I got 29.55 MPG. Looks like the hydrogen did not do a thing and the O2 sensors did not detect the oxygen and the computer did not cut back back on the mileage. Why?????

So what is going on here? I have 155,495 KMs on the Venture and I assumed that the mileage would not be anywhere close to what the book says, but it is right up there! Is it possible that the stuff I have played around with so far ( the hydrogen and the Vaporizer) has actually got rid of gunk and other junk like carbon, in the engine and it now is back near optimum performance????

By the way, I ordered the EFIE, (too lazy to build one) but there is a 6 week delivery time on it so I will have to be patient. My plan now is to install the EFIE and adjust it to lean out the fuel which should give me more mileage in itself, then develop a base line using that with no Hydrogen Boost. Once I got that baseline , I will turn on the Smack Booster and see what happens...... My thinking at the moment is that there won't be any increase at all........ and if that is the case, we are all doing something wrong with the hydrogen boost and W4Gas.

Been doing lots of reading and I don't see many people bragging about their success with W4Gas installations. Going back over the manual it appears that Ossie did not get any decent results until he added all the extras to his vehicle. ..... the EFIE and the MAP, Maf ehansers plus the PCV deal and perhaps even the Acetone and other stuff.


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