Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Venture Testing -- Frustration Setting In

I have done 53 test runs, all documented as to what mods were running.... HOD, Water Vaporizer, EFIE, CTS, IAT, MAF, MAP mostly 40 miles each, filled tank to overflowing from same pump each time. During these tests I have accumulated 6,057 kms or 3,763 miles. Just about bankrupt now......

I have had 9 hwy test runs over 30 mpg that averaged 32.75 MPG
I have had 15 hwy test runs 25 to 29 mpg that averaged 27.36 MPG
I have had 9 hwy test runs 20 to 25 mpg that averaged 21.87 MPG
The rest were all poor ones under 20 mpg.
Below I have listed the test runs that showed what I consider good gains.

EFIE .367 Nothing Else, No HOD or other mods 34.45 MPG Hwy
EFIE .375 HOD 20 amps 34.21 MPG Hwy
EFIE .370 Nothing Else 31.46 MPG Hwy and City
EFIE .368 Nothing Else 32.37 MPG Hwy
EFIE .370 Water Vaporizer Running 34.4 MPG Hwy
EFIE .280 HOD 10 amps, Water Vaporizer, IAT at 287F 32.5 MPG Hwy

The IAT temp reading above happened when I disabled all the mods, as I accidently shorted out the IAT sensor. Noticed it on my ScanGaugeII while driving. The next day I removed the short and my test run was a dismal 20.18 mpg! Talk about inconsistent results..... should short it out again and see what happens.

The vehicle is a 2003 Chevy Venture 3.4 L 6 cylinder and have used W4Gas, ThermoSyphon (own design) and a modified Smack . Bubbler and condensator prior to air intake. Modifications were to decrease plate separation because it would not fit into a 4 inch tube because of SS plates wider and thicker than the switch plate covers, putting out 1.3 to 7 LPM depending on strength of lye solution.

The EFIE by itself produces the best gains consistently.... using a water vaporizer gets good results as well and will help cool the engine. Someone is bound to comment that running the EFIE by itself will ruin your engine due to the lean mixture, however, I have never seen a temperature rise during my experiments using the EFIE alone. According to Eagle Research, quote "engine life should not be affected because the vehicle's computer will not allow excessively lean mixtures" unquote

I agree with others that trying to get gains with HOD is frustrating. There are times when I just switch all the various enhansers off as they are all adjustable and can be switched off from the the driver's seat while driving. I'll drive like that for a few days with all off and do more reading. Suddenly I think I have got it, and start trying again.

What is needed to simplify this whole process is a device or monitor that will show instantly the results of one's tweaking of sensor enhansers, or varying the amperage of your booster... everything we are doing is only guesswork....

In this day and age, it should not be a problem. Exhaust analysers would help but are not available at reasonable cost to experimenters such as we are. Hopefully someone will come up with such a device and offer a tuneup service for a set affordable fee. I would drive many miles to get my vehicle set up once and for all.......I have nearly had it with this vehicle.