Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Current activities trying to get more gas mileage..

I am checking out MPG Caps in my 2003 Chev Venture to see what kind of mileage increase I get. These are little caplets that are put into the gas tank before filling the tank. They are supposed to Increase Gas Mileage, Restore Lost Power, Reduce hydrocarbon emissions, etc. I should have some figures a little later on.

On a 1993 Dodge Caravan I was getting 5 MPG more in city driving by using the caps. So with every 20 gallons of fuel I was getting an extra 100 miles in the city. Not bad for a cap that cost $3 Cdn. You can read up on MPG Caps at and read some testimonials as well.

You can check them out yourself by ordering from the above website. Just go to Shop and fill in the necessary info.

Hydrogen Fuel Generation

I have read the Hydro Star System Manual for Hydrogen Fuel Generation as well and thought of building it, however living in an apartment now curtails such activities. Anyone out there that has had any experience with the Hydro Star system ??

Instead I have ordered a Supplemental Hydrogen Generator back on May 29th which can be installed on any vehicle by one handy at such things. Apparently they are swamped with orders but I am getting updates that saying that units are being manufactured as fast as possible. I will update when I receive the generator.

First time Blog check

Just finished creating this blog and still checking out all its features, etc. Hope to get exchange of information about hydrogen power for automobiles, etc. Have done a fair amount of research and reading on the subject but lacking in true life experiences of those that may have tried making vehicles run on hydrogen or other alternative fuels.