Friday, January 25, 2008

ScanGauge ll for checking out results of HOD

Not much new to report as the weather has not got any warmer. Have decided to try windshield washer fluid in the electrolyzer as another experimenter from Sudbury says it works fine. Will wait until it gets a little warmer.

Ordered a ScanGauge ll last Saturday and received it on Tuesday morning from Tom Gifford at in Ottawa Ontario. It only took several minutes to install, no tools required. It is a 3 in one Automotive Computer...

1. Scan Tool for retrieving diagnostic trouble codes.

2. Trip Computer with 3 built in trip computers to display trip data.

3. Digital Gauges to display the current operating conditions of your vehilce in real-time.

Displays 4 gauges of your choice at one time. Great for checking to see if you have made improvements to your miles per gallon or liters/100km with your hydrogen experiments.

Update shortly....


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