Sunday, January 06, 2008

What Happened?

It has been awhile since I last posted so thought I should bring things up to date. The Supplemental Hydrogen does make a difference and here are some figures from my records in 2007. Lost my 2006 records due to computer crash but I had noted an increase back in 06 as well.

I ran my vehicle without the Hydrogen running from January to May 2007 due to the cold weather and problems with freezing the water. My average MPG was 16.61 during that period.

From June to September, I ran the Hydrogen Generator and my average MPG was 25.84.

From October to December, I ran without the Hydrogen generator and my average MPG was 16.11

All the above driving for the year was majority of city driving and some highway, so I got roughly 57% increase as a result of the Hydrogen Generator running.

I ran into problems on a trip to Niagara Falls in September when the engine started to act up, by stalling and finally quitting completely. After about half an hour I managed to get the engine running by disconnecting the Hydrogen generator. The trip back to Hamilton was a bit on the iffy side as the engine was not running normally and I made an appointment to get the vehilce in for service the following day.

Putting the vehicle through diagnostics we learned that one of the sensors was not functioning correctly and after inspecting it and the throat of the throttle body it was noted that there was a fairly heavy residue, yellowish brown in colour covering both. There were indications of corrosion as well in the throttle body. Not a good sign... After cleaning everything, the engine ran like it should with no problems.

Will update this shortly. In the mean time check out for interesting information on hydrogen.....


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