Monday, October 23, 2006

Finally received my Hydrogen/Oxygen Generator!

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Thought I would let everyone know what I have been up to for the last week or so. I ordered a Hydrogen Generator for my vehicle some time ago and finally received it a week ago. First problem was where to install it under the hood of my 2003 Chevy Venture Van as space is very limited under there as everything is crammed in every nook and cranny. The only place I found was next to the firewall on the left side of the vehicle and even then I had to bend some hydraulic lines to make it fit. Had to improvise a bracket out of aluminum and then tie-wrapped the 5 by 6 inch unit to the bracket.

The actual installation was quite simple once I located the spot to put it in. Wiring was simple starting with an inline fuse, then wire to the ON/Off switch and ammeter, then a wire to the positive terminal on the unit. A wire then was run from the negative terminal of the unit to ground. ( I still have to wire in a relay to cut off power when the ignition switch is turned off, in case I forget to turn the On/Off switch off when I stop the engine. It will generate hydrogen with the motor not running which is a no no)

I filled it with water to the recommended level and added baking soda for an electrolyte. (You can use lye, potassium hydroxide, etc for the electrolyte as well.) I guess I put in too much baking soda and only tested it sitting in the parking lot to get it to draw about 20 amps, however when I started out driving the bouncing around on the road must have mixed the solution real well because suddenly the amperage went to 25 amps and way beyond what it was supposed to. Had to drain out some of the mixture and add water by the side of the road, then took off again watching the ammeter, again it started climbing beyond the 25 amp range so stopped again, drained out more mixture and added water. Since then it has fluctuated between 10 and 20 amps and is looking good.

There is a definite change in the way the motor runs, more pick up and around the city I notice that the gas pedal does not have to be pressed down very much as the van wants to cruise at about 55 to 60 kph. The motor sounds different as well, little quieter than before the installation. I won't have any mileage figures until I give it a good run and then will have to confirm that with several tanks of gas.

One thing that was not mentioned in the instructions was when one is going to cut the engine off, the hydrogen unit should be turned off prior to that. Chris and I had come back from a 30 km drive and just pulled into ou parking space, turned off the unit and the ignition.

About an hour later we went out again and got in the vehicle, key in the ignition and turned to start..... wow! the engine kicked and bucked so much it rocked the whole van as it started up. I realized that the generator had been making hydrogen and oxygen right up to the moment we had nstopped and I am sure there was plenty of residual bubbling going on even after we stopped.

So to test out my theory we headed to a burger joint and about 2 blocks before we got there, turned off the unit. Had our fish burgers and came out, turned the key to start and all went the way it should, no pre-ignition or bucking. Also tried it again without turning the unit off until the engine was turned off. Starting up caused the pre-ignition and bucking again.... lesson learned!

So far I like what I am seeing and am anxious to see what the savings are going to be. Lots of testimonials from people all over as to the performance of this gadget.....

Here are a couple of photos showing the installation under the hood and one showing the ammeter and Off/On switch on the dash. For more information on Supplemental Hydrogen Click here

Will update everyone as soon as I run through a tank of gas. Enjoy the information on Hydrogen generators.

The Rebel


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