Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MOre on MPG Caps

Here is what I posted to another Blog, which sort of sums up the situation on MPG Caps....

Rebel Says: August 8th, 2006 at 9:23 pm
Interesting comments,etc I started using MPG Caps several months ago and found that I got a 5 mpg increase in city driving and about 7 to 8 mpg increase for hwy on a 1993 Dodge Caravan with 337,00 kms on it. This was consistent and I was happy so I signed up as distributor for FFI.

I traded this vehicle in for a Chev Venture , went thru several tanks of gas to get a base line and then started using the MPG Caps. To my surprise the mileage decreased about 2 mpg. I am now on my 10th fill up and I have only seen about a 1 mpg increase on couple of fill ups and the mileage has stayed around the baseline figures since.

One of my customers reports an increase in mileage (older vehicle), several others report no difference!(new vehicles) So what is going on? The only conclusion I can reach is that MPG Caps do not increase mileage in newer vehicles and what happens in the older vehicles is that the caps clean out all kinds of crud which causes the increase in mileage, but that increase may only be the same as you would get if you had a tuneup in which the gas lines and intake ports were flushed. In other words there is basically no increase because the vehicle is now operating at its normal mileage due to the cleaning…. Any comments ? anyone?

As a result I am not selling any more caps and I will cancel my distributorship with FFI. I started giving away blister packs of caps to people having a long commute who are willing to give me a report on what they experience with the caps.


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