Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finished and installed the electrolyzer..

Installed the unit in my van as shown on the left. I have to be half crazy to be out in -5 C and windy weather to do things like this. Switched the unit on and within seconds saw the bubbling and the gas starting to form. Went back indoors to get warm and then the better half and I went for a 23 km drive to see how things worked. The unit drew about 2.5 amps which I was surprised at due to the old one drawing much more.
There was a noticeable difference in the engine as it sounded very quiet and had way more response when the gas pedal was pressed down. So far I was pleased with the results of my experimenting. When I got back to our apartment parking lot, I opened the hood and saw the foamy water ( see above photo) in the jar. As the weather was still cold and getting colder I decided to see if the distilled water and baking soda (electrolyte) would freeze. I had read in the instructions that if there was about an inch of space at the top,the jar would not break if it froze up.
The following morning I checked under the hood with the temperature at -6 C and was surprised to see the liquid having turned yellow with a dark yellow ring around the top. I shook the jar to see if it was indeed liquid and it was. The forecast for that night and the next morning was for -11 C, so I was anxious to see if things would be any different as far as freezing was concerned.......
January 20, 2008

Weather as predicted and I opened the hood to see if the unit survived the cold weather and saw that the jar had cracked due to the liquid having frozen and expanded. Man! was it ever cold out there this morning, the wind was really blowing and my face and hands were numb by the time I got the leads disconnected... My wife says I am getting more crazy as I age. She says wait for the warm weather! Perhaps I should listen to her. Removed the unit and brought it indoors to thaw out. So much for leaving space in the jar.... don't think the person that wrote that has experienced cold weather. Have not decided whether to try windshield washer fluid next so it won't freeze in our climate here. Have to read up about it to see if there are other problems to contend with by using windshield washer fluid or some of the other things suggested to prevent freezing. Will update shortly again.
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Blogger Doug said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with the freezing of the jars. I have my unit ready to install and will now be aware that it will be damaged by freezing. Really interesting blog. Doug

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