Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Making a new electrolyser...

January 8, 2008

Started buying the parts needed for the new Hodrogen on Demand device and ordered the Plexiglass "tower" on which the electrodes are wound. Had 6 of them made in case someone else may want one.

January 16, 2008

Picked up the Plexiglas "towers" and started winding the electrodes on it and have nearly completed the project this afternoon. I have made 2 of them and they are curing for 24 hours at the moment...... tomorow (if the weather is half decent) I will see how I can mount it under the hood or in the space in front of the radiator. Once it is mounted it should only be a few minutes to wire it to the exising wire I had for the other Hydrogen Generator.

The photo above left shows electrodes wound on the Plexiglas. The photo above right shows the top of the device...... Still have to add some tubing and the outlet elbows to the cap. I am really looking forward to get it mounted in the vehicle and to give it a try... More shortly....


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